Facebook groups go to pay!!

Facebook group administrators will be able to charge their members:

Facebook continues to develop new ways to monetize its social network. This time, it is the directors of Facebook groups who will be able to charge for access to certain exclusive content.

What if Facebook users were willing to pay to access exclusive content? This is the question that the social network will try to answer? It is now possible to pay for access to subgroups in the United States. The operation is simple: members of a free group can subscribe to a paid subgroup. Group administrators will be able to make the most of their time volunteering to animate these communities of interest. Subscriptions range from $ 4.99 to $ 29.99. They are paid directly via the Android or iOS platforms, without commitment but renewed every month automatically.

For Facebook, the goal is to create better quality content. It is essentially the video that will be put forward in these paying subgroups. This is also an opportunity to test whether group members are adopting this micro-payment system, like Netflix or Spotify. The stakes are high: they are 1 billion on Facebook to be part of groups. All the details on the changeover to paying Facebook groups are available on the social network site .

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