Google Chrome backtracked on its latest controversial update


Google Chrome backtracked on its latest controversial update:

Google Chrome version 66 automatically blocked the autoplay on sound and video, which led many sites (including online games) to no longer function properly. Faced with the ire of the developers, he is backtracking … for the moment.

It is sometimes necessary to simply release an update to see the impact. This one can be positive … but also very negative, and it is necessary to know quickly to react in which case. Chrome version 66 had a more aggressive blocking of videos and sounds in automatic play. A welcome change for the users, but not necessarily the developers themselves who are quick to step into the niche.

Google Chrome version 66 goes back :

Indeed, this update had the effect of killing some online applications, including games and animations for which sound and video are an integral part of the experience. Faced with the ire of developers, Google is currently deploying the 66.0.3359.181 update on its desktop application that simply goes back and removes the implementation of this new feature.

The problem is that developers have saved time … but not understanding. It is impossible for the vast majority of them to find the tone, or funds, needed to update their old sites. So this is a story of the internet that may be obliterated, but it deserves to be forgotten seems to say Google by this decision.

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