Google Play Services are updating”: how to remove this annoying bug

“Google Play Services are updating”: how to remove this annoying bug on Huawei and Honor smartphones?

If you’re on Honor or Huawei smartphone, you’ve probably seen this annoying “Google Play Services are updating” message trying to use some apps. The bug is known to Google and Huawei and should be fixed via an upcoming update of the EMUI overlay. In the meantime if you are concerned, this probably makes you a nice leg. There is nevertheless a solution to start using Uber, Android Auto, Google Maps and others immediately without the famous message.

“Google Play Services are updating”: the solution to the error message :

To remove the “Google Play Services are updating” error message:

Go to Settings> Applications & Notifications> Applications From the list, select Google Play Services Go to Storage> Clear Cache Go to Manage Space> Clear All The problem seems to be related to the 12.6.73 update of the Google Play Services app.

On the forums, some users report that going back to the earlier version of EMUI brings a more definitive solution. If it happens on the road, there’s another quick tip: Turn Google Play Services off, restart your smartphone, and turn it back on.

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