Instagram prepares to launch videos that last for an hour!

Instagram prepares to launch videos that last for an hour:

The application of specialized social networking in photos and videos is set to make radical changes in the coming period as part of its desire to attract more users, according to recent press reports.
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A report by the Wall Street Journal pointed out that Instagram is preparing for a radical change for the first time in its history and since its launch. This is the launch of the feature of vertical videos, which can last up to an hour, which could turn Entragam into a competition platform for YouTube, What you want Facebook.

In the beginning, Instagram was proposing users to include videos of no more than 15 seconds to 60 seconds later. Instagram’s assertion that YouTube is competing with YouTube is that the new report talks about negotiating the application for a number of content creators to post their long videos on Application.

Although it is still in the planning and development stage, the integration of Instagram into a video platform alongside its main task will be profitable for Viseok, especially since the number of active users exceeds 800 million.

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