Intel: your PCs will soon have 28 hours of autonomy!

Intel: your PCs will soon have 28 hours of autonomy:

Thanks to Intel, your laptops will soon have a battery life of 28 hours! With the Low Power Display Technology, the company wants to reduce the energy consumption of our computers. To work best on a classic laptop, the technology needs to rely on a specific low-power LCD panel designed by Sharp and Innolux.

At Computex 2018, the Santa Clara firm has promised that a 13-inch laptop will soon be able to last until 28 hours in a row without recharging. With its technology of reduction of the consumption, Intel ensures to be able to increase the autonomy of our laptops from 4 to 8 hours in video reading and according to your use.

Intel will increase the autonomy of our PCs by reducing energy consumption:

According to Intel, the autonomy of a Dell XPS 13 has increased by 5 hours thanks to the “Low Power Display Technology”. To function effectively, a computer will have to be sublimated by an LCD screen developed in partnership by Sharp and Innolux. This LCD panel very specific consumes only 1 watt. That’s half the average consumption of a regular computer screen.

However, to achieve the 28 hours of autonomy promised by Intel, the users will have to make some adjustments. For example, you will need to activate multiple power-saving systems and not use the built-in speakers on your computer.

Unfortunately, it will also be advisable to lower the brightness of the LCD screen to its lowest level. Intel advises to reach 150 nits. For the moment, the technology is still in its infancy, says Intel.

The first tests were most conclusively conducted on Windows 10 devices under Intel Core i7-8550U with Intel UHD Graphics 620, Intel 600p SSD. For the time being, PCs based on GPU chips from Nvidia and AMD will not be able to take advantage of this reduction technology

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