PlayStation Plus: Free Games for May 2018

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for May Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends lead the lineup of PS Plus free games for May 2018 :


May is right around the corner, so let’s take a look at the games coming out during this lovely spring month! First up, we have Beyond: Two Souls. Dive into the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes, born with a connection to a mysterious entity with incredible powers. This singularly unique psychological action thriller developed by the same folks who are making Detroit: Become Human (releasing May 25), Beyond: Two Souls is sure to entertain and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Next, the classic Rayman Legends. Featuring four-player co-op and online challenge mode, jump in and save the Glad of Dreams. A platforming action game made for all ages, this is a great addition to any library.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

* Risen 3: Titan Lords, PS3
* Eat Them!, PS3
* King Oddball, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4)
* Furmins, PS Vita
Also, just a reminder that we have an exclusive offer for all new and existing PS Plus members. Sign up for Spottily Premium through your PS4, and you’ll save 10% on the monthly subscription fee.

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