Sun yes, but in moderation!

Sun yes, but in moderation:

We know where you will be this weekend. Somewhere sunny! And you’re right because it’s going to be nice everywhere. Here are three applications to avoid turning into a small lobster.

The epidermis is very fragile when exposed to sunlight. It can never be said enough: to avoid sun burns, protect yourself with sunscreen. Bronzer is good, but protecting yourself is better.


UV Lens: which UV index?

With its color-coded hour dial, UV Lens indicates the level of risk of sun exposure depending on the time. The level is higher before 3 pm and falls slowly after 5 pm when the sun goes down.

Available on Android and iOS.


Sun Risk: what kind of skin?

In collaboration with Météo France, Soleil Risk was conceived by the national union of dermatologists. The application informs about the protection rules according to the type of skin. The little extra: it includes a timer to optimize the management of tanning time. And hop, we turn on the back!

Available on Android and iOS.

Sunscreen reminder: when to put cream?

In addition to the UV index and skin type, Sunscreen Reminder generates reminders to remember to baste with cream. It is adjustable depending on where you are and therefore the position of the sun! In the top !

Available on iOS.

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