The French ZIDANE announced his departure at a press conference this Thursday in Madrid:

Zinedine Zidane does not crowd the grounds for twelve years but he remains the king of the feint. Just five days after winning his third consecutive Champions League on Real Madrid’s bench, the French coach has announced, to everyone’s surprise, his departure from the Spanish club at a press conference held Thursday at the training center.

From Valdebebas, in the suburbs of Madrid. At the age of 45, “Zizou” coached the Merengue since January 2016 after patiently doing his classes, in the shadows, at the head of the reserve team.

In two and a half years and when it was his first experience at the highest level, the 1998 world champion has won almost everything with three Leagues champions, a title of champion of Spain but also a Supercup from Spain, two European Supercups and two Club World Cups. Carton full. Zidane bows out at the top and heals her legend a little bit

Henri Emile What will Zinedine Zidane do after this unexpected blow :

“I’m not going to coach a team right now and I’m not looking for it,” he said on Thursday, adding that he was not “tired of training.” It’s just a matter of timing. All eyes inevitably converge towards the France team. “It’s something he programmed into his head, even before going to Real Madrid. We had talked about it together, says Henri Emile.

It’s something that will be natural, if it should happen one day. ” To see Zidane again on a bench, we should wait until 2020, when the contract of Didier Deschamps will come to an end. Unless the Russian campaign turns to Berezina this summer.

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