They brought the Psion back to life, this time on Android

A product straight out of the 90s and brought up to date:

If you have not known the Psion, it is because you are certainly young. This is a handheld computer that was relatively known in the 90s. Its particularity was to be equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard (there was an AZERTY version). On the latest version of this PDA, the screen was still black and white, and it could communicate with external accessories via an infrared link. In short, it was another time.

It’s 2018, and the Psion project is alive. Well, not really. On the one hand, we have projects like Gemini to create a handheld (PDA, if you prefer) on Android. On the other hand, you have developers trying to recreate old programs like the Psion agenda. Obviously, when we merge the two projects, it creates a product that should delight the nostalgeeks (subtle word game between geek and nostalgic).


The application is free, it remains a calendar application far from excellent. It was especially the occasion to evoke some old memories.

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