Top 5 games for Android this month – May 2018

Top 5 games for Android this month – May 2018 :

Top 5 games for Android this month New and entertaining games Each game has its own special features in terms of graphics and graphics fantasy-like reality

Driving Zone 2:

It is a very wonderful game and what characterizes it is the fantastic and legendary graphics that you enjoy, through which you can race with other cars, drive the car in real .. With new cars you can open in advanced stages of the game, and I personally try the game as it operates on all phones Android.


Destiny Warfare:

If you’ve played call of duty games before, this game is very similar to it but it plays online so you have to connect to the internet and then start playing with other people around the world.


Brake to Die:

A fun game, when you stop the car die and all you have to do is drive continuously. The game has a fantastic graphics and also contains many cities. Be sure you become addicted to this game


Crash of Cars:

The idea of ​​the game “Smashing Cars” is a very entertaining game that you can play online with other people from all over the world and you need to drive the truck and collect the boxes that contain supernatural powers and then destroy the cars.


Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator:

An open world game in which you drive a motorcycle and try to reach where you have money so when you get it they help you buy a motorcycle more powerful and evolution and so pass to the next levels.



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